Photographer / Aerialist / Time-Traveler

Andrew T. Foster

Standing on Highway 93 ALT in Nevada.

Ever since Andrew was a little boy and standing next to his father in the darkroom watching the magic of images appear in the film developer, he has been creating photographs and motion picture cinema on a variety of subjects and pursuits.

Andrew spends his time creating photographs of aerial arts, burlesque, portraits and desert landscapes in digital and film photography formats. He spent several years as a Steadicam owner & operator before a six year freelance position with the Skycam hanging wire camera system for the Olympics, NBA, and NFL.

Besides a long background in photography, Andrew has been using computers since the first Apple ][ series machines and has a past-time of restoring old computers, video game machines and film cameras.

Aerial arts is not only a subject for photography but also a passion that Andrew has been exploring as a practicing aerialist with static trapeze and lyra (cerceau) since September of 2008.

Andrew has lived in New York City for seventeen years and you can find him out photographing live performances weekly. You can also find him dragging his 8×10 view camera around Death Valley, California in the fall.